Friday 15 September 2023


This painting was inspired by solitary walks on Hampstead Heath tuning into the elemental energies of the landscape, tracking the ley lines and significant shapes.

It is an attempt to describe the Genus Loci: the spirit of the place.

There is a circle of trees on a raised mound where I like to imagine the Druids gathered in times past. It is not far from Boudicca’s Grave, a raised tree covered tumulus, thought to be Bronze Age, and a site for Druidic Solstice celebrations.

Memory is in the painting too, remembering spinneys and copses seen on travels through the West Country.

And I was thinking about cartography and how we map the world, and how the maps made for navigation differ from our personal experiences of following trails across the land. 

The painting is on view for a month at the North London Buddhist Centre as part of a small exhibition of my artwork. 

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