Thursday 30 March 2023

Blue City - magical fragments

 I'm exploring themes from the White Lotus Sutra. One theme is the Magic City which provides a temporary respite and stopping place on the journey towards Awakening. Taking a deep dive into the teaching of the Magic City I discover how difficult it is to come up with the right image.  I found myself cutting up one small painting of a Blue City and reforming it into new patterning.  As the Magic City is not a Pure Land it is not yet whole or complete. Although fragmented, nevertheless it has its beauty. There are fresh discoveries, and treasures to be found in alleyways and corners.  The collaged fragments were strangely appealing when I stepped back from the new image and gazed at it afresh. I see this as a preliminary study for a larger painting yet to come.

Below here is another earlier version of the Blue City.

Crayons on paper in sketchbook. Approx A5 size.

Saturday 4 March 2023