Wednesday 25 August 2021

Mamaki, golden female wisdom Buddha of earth and abundance

 Mamaki is the embodiment of the Wisdom of Equality which sees in all of us the potential for Awakening, and understands the existential situation that we all share.

Here are some experimental renderings of this wisdom deity.  

She sits relaxed and upright in the posture of Royal Ease. She holds the chintamani, the wish fulfilling jewel in her right hand which stretches out in the gesture of giving. (varada mudra).  On the blue lotus by her left shoulder rests a silver vajra bell. 

Two of the images explore her connection with the earth element.

Tuesday 10 August 2021

Locana, female Wisdom Buddha


Locana is the personification of the Mirror Like Wisdom of Akshobya, the blue Buddha of the East. Her name means "she with the eye" or "she who is illuminated by the Dharma". The eye as in The Eye of Wisdom"

I am currently exploring the five Prajnas, the five female wisdom Buddhas and making images of them, both digitally and with pigment on surfaces.  Locana is the first Wisdom Buddha in the series. Her element is water.