Saturday 17 September 2011

Sailing the WInd

Today I made a picture of a bird sailing the wind. 
Watching the seagulls, I was reminded of the work of Peter Lanyon and Georges Braque.
Have you ever watched a gull ride the thermals?  Here is Peter Lanyon's painting of a thermal so evocative of Cornwall's coast with its currents and sea mists, so expressive of Lanyon's strong feeling for the elements. I imagine it as a record of his experience of gliding on the winds. I shall never forget how he was to die tragically in a gliding accident four years after he completed this picture.
A bird flies through Braque's studio It comes from a series of late paintings which are amongst my all time favourites for their spatial sophistication and complexity. 
On the ceilings of the Louvre Braque's birds fly. They are framed by a 16th century richly carved ceiling.  There is an apparent simplicity to the design. I admire his masterful handling of space and form. Here is a sketch he made for this and here the context which frames them.

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